Plus chance to win a copy of Dave Letele's book
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In this issue:
  • Careerforce is now part of Te Pūkenga
  • Win a copy of Dave Letele's 'No Excuses'
  • How to stay motivated to study
  • Supporting you to succeed with some great resources
  • Young volunteer lands dream job
  • Free counselling service for all Careerforce learners
  • Delicious Summer recipe, great for barbecues
  • Careerforce website gets a makeover
  • New 'Earn and Learn' programme helps tackle nursing staff shortage
  • Expiring programmes and unit standards
  • Campaign celebrates the amazing work you do and the people you support
Careerforce is now part of Te Pūkenga
Careerforce transitioned into Te Pūkenga as a business unit within its Work Based Learning (WBL) subsidiary on 1 September 2022. We have joined other divisions already transitioned into Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning and work-based learners like yourself now account for over half of Te Pūkenga’s total learner base, a proportion that is expected to grow.

In the short term, you'll notice very little change. What you’ll notice most, is the introduction of co-branding, and over 2023, the shift to Te Pūkenga branding.

For the moment, it's just business as usual for you as an trainee

Te Pūkenga was created in April 2020.  It brings together Aotearoa’s Institutes of Technology, Polytechnics and Industry Training Organisations (such as Careerforce) into one national organisation that will support work-based, on-campus, and online vocational learning and training across the country.

We’ll update you on any changes over time, but we expect everything to continue as business as usual for some time, and there will be minimal disruption, if any. Your learning, your qualification, the service you receive from us, our systems and processes and how you contact us at Careerforce will all remain the same for some time.

Find out more about what the Careerforce move into Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning means for you see the 2 minute video
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Win a copy of Dave Letele's 'No Excuses'
Dave Letele's life has taken him from crime to community, footy to failure, riches to rags (and back again), and from fat to fit.  Dave says, "I've been at the bottom and the top, and everything in between...if I can do it, you can."   We're giving away three copies of his book 'No Excuses'.  
Simply answer three questions by 30 November 2022 to go into the draw to win 1 of 3 copies of No Excuses. Follow the link below.

We'll contact the winners via email, so don't forget to provide your email address at the end of the quiz.
How to stay motivated to study
Staying motivated and focused on your learning is going to help you succeed in your learning. We appreciate it can be difficult to keep up the momentum sometimes with other demands on your time and priorities in life.

Here are some strategies for sustaining motivation and helping to get you back on track when you feel like you may be losing focus.

PLAN - Make a plan of how you'll do the study.  Breaking it down into manageable pieces or bite sized chunks, may help you feel less swamped or overwhelmed.

CREATE GREAT HABITS AND ROUTINES - Develop a study schedule and set aside a time each day or week when you will study.  Add it to your calendar, as you would other important tasks.  Let others know that this is your time, so that you won't be disturbed. Make it a habit or routine.

CREATE A QUIET SPACE - Disable notifications and put your phone on silent, so that you won't be distracted, and keep yourself focused on the task.

REWARD YOURSELF - When you've completed a task or module – take a moment to reward yourself. Do something that you enjoy, go for a walk, take a break.

SET UP A STUDY GROUP - Join with others in your organisation who may be completing the same programme.  You may be able to bounce ideas off each other.

ACCESS THE SUPPORTS AVAILABLE - If you're stuck on an assessment, or need some advice, don't be afraid to ask for help. Talk to your manager or supervisor.  They may be able to point you in the right direction. Chat to a colleague who may have already completed the programme.

We wish you all the best as you progress along your learning journey. Click 'Find out more' for more study tips.

Supporting you to succeed with some great resources
We have some great learning resources that we've developed to support you in your learning and study.
Whether you're new to learning, or coming back to learning after some time away, or just want some helpful ideas, these resources will help to make your training journey effective and successful.
Young volunteer lands dream job and wins Employee of the Year award
A positive attitude, the support of her whānau, and MSD’s Mana in Mahi initiative have all helped turn Eryn Vesey from a shy teenager living with epilepsy and severe tremors into a confident young therapist, doing a job she loves.
Eryn, 21, says she has struck it lucky after progressing from volunteer apprentice to a fully qualified diversional therapist at Forget Me Not Adult Day Care in Whangārei.
In her role, she gets to enhance the quality of life for adults who are socially isolated through disability.

Through Mana in Mahi, Eryn was able to complete her Apprenticeship in Health and Wellbeing (Social and Community Services) Community Facilitation Strand Specialising in Diversional Therapy (Level 4) while volunteering at Forget Me Not.

We'd also like to extend a massive congratulations to Eryn who was announced as Youth Employee of the Year at the 2022 Northland Business Excellence Awards on 4 November 2022.

Here Eryn and her partner with the trophies she won for herself and Forget Me Not Whangarei.
Free counselling service now available for all Careerforce learners
Your hauora (wellbeing) is important! We can now offer all our ākonga (learners) across New Zealand access to free confidential counselling through our provider Vitae whenever you need it, via their 24/7 contact centre.

Through this service you will be able to address issues such as:
  • Personal or study stress
  • Relationship problems
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Grief/loss
  • Violence
  • Harassment
  • Personal trauma
  • Addictions
To access this service, contact Vitae directly:
Check out our website for more information and to download a Careerforce flyer
Delicious summer recipe, great for barbecues
(Alberta’s) Three-Bean Salad
3/4 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup canola oil (not as good with olive oil)
1 medium onion, sliced
1 medium carrot, sliced
2 cans of cut green beans, drained
1 can of kidney beans, drained
1 can of chickpeas, drained
Salt and pepper to taste
First, mix the vinegar and the water in a large bowl. Next, dissolve the sugar in it.  Then add the oil. After that, add the sliced onion and carrot. Finally, add the cans of beans after draining the liquid and mix well.  Add salt and pepper if you like. Cover the three-bean salad and put it in the refrigerator for a few hours before eating.  It’s even better if you make it the day before you want to eat it. Stir it a few times while it's in the refrigerator so the flavours mix better.
Careerforce website gets a makeover
Check out the our refreshed website, updated in September to reflect the new co-branding with Te Pūkenga.  If you have any feedback, please let us know.
New Auckland City Hospital 'Earn and Learn' programme to help tackle nursing staff shortage
Cleaners, hospitality workers and caregivers at Auckland City Hospital could soon be healthcare assistants. It's part of a new "Earn and Learn" programme aimed at upskilling employees to help tackle the desperate shortage of nursing staff.  This is a great example of the possible career pathways and opportunities for learners to advance in their careers. Read the full story of the first cohort of 44 students graduating, including Keziah Toalii Nielsen, who assists nurses in theatre.

"It's always been a dream of mine to become a nurse. I saw the earn and learn programme as an opportunity to bridge me to nursing," Nielsen said.

Expiring Health & Wellbeing unit standards
In early October we emailed those of you enrolled in versions of unit standards that expire on 31 December 2022. This is just a reminder that we recommended learners prioritise completing these units by 30 November to enable assessors to complete their marking. Here is a copy of the email sent to learners and here is a list of impacted units standards.
We have contacted workplaces and assessors to make them aware of these updates and will support them to help you complete these unit standards as much as possible. If you have any queries, your manager or assessor will be able to help.
Campaign celebrates the amazing work you do and
the people you support
Last year, Careerforce launched a campaign on behalf of many of the sectors we represent, off the back of funding from the Tertiary Education Commission. Via “Life Changing Careers”, we are promoting career pathways in health and wellbeing, and aiming to bring more diversity into the workforce. This campaign is intended to build greater resilience into the workforce, and ensure a future workforce that is more representative of the people that it is providing care and support for.

This campaign recognises and celebrates the work that many of you do.  We encourage you to stand up and be proud of this essential work, and share this campaign amongst your friends and whānau. Check out the website, and the video stories.

In this video, you can hear from people like those you support, who really, really value what you do for them.
Careerforce holiday hours
Please note that Careerforce offices will be closed over the holiday break and staff are taking a break. Our offices close at midday on Thursday, 22 December, and will re-open on Thursday, 5 January 2022.

Although Careerforce offices are closed at these times, you can still work on your assessments over the holidays and submit them to your assessor for marking. Bear in mind that there will be delays in marking assessments by Careerforce staff over this time.

The last certificates before the Christmas break will be sent out on 12 December. We will start sending them out again on 16 January 2022.

Reminder to check your spam/junk folder
Sometimes our emails can fall into your spam or junk folders, especially 'system generated emails'. e.g. emails confirming your login to iportal. If you are waiting for an email, please ensure you check these folders first before contacting Careerforce.
Has anything changed? Let us know...
It's important that we hold up to date contact information in order for us to connect and provide updates on your training progress. If you have recently changed home address, contact number or email address, then please let us know by submitting an email

If you are leaving your employment or wish to withdraw from your training, then
please let us know by completing the “Training Agreement Termination” online submission form which can be found at the Careerforce website here

Tip: We suggest you check that all completed work has been assessed and reported by your assessor before requesting your training to be withdrawn. You can do this through iportal if you are a registered user or contact us on 0800 277 486.

Check out the previous newsletter issues for more hints and tips

Look back on previous issues of this newsletter for more ideas to help you really take charge of your training journey.  You'll also find more news stories to help keep you motivated.

Previous issues of the trainee newsletter can be found

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If you’re having some challenges with your training, ask your assessor or employer for some advice. If you think Careerforce can help, do get in touch with us.
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