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Change of leadership at Careerforce
Careerforce officially welcomed into Te Pūkenga
Recent Māori learner success

New specialised micro-credentials launched

Welcome to Careerforce's September update
Kia ora

On 1 September, I assumed the reins at Careerforce, coinciding with our first day as a business division within Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning Limited. Many of you will have had interactions with Jane Wenman who recently left Careerforce after a four year tenure as Chief Executive, and I would like to acknowledge the huge contribution that Jane made to Careerforce over this time. She superbly led Careerforce through the turmoil of Covid-19, and as we navigated the implementation of the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) over the last 4 years, and can reflect with pride at what Careerforce achieved over her tenure.

Over September, Te Pūkenga completed its consultation with kaimahi (staff) on its proposed high level operating structure. Over 3,000 submissions were made, and outcomes are expected to be announced over October. While these outcomes may have eventual implications for Careerforce staff reporting lines, they won’t have any immediate impacts upon our training relationships with you. I do consider it a privilege to be Director of the Careerforce division within Te Pūkenga, and am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for our Careerforce kaimahi (staff), but especially for our employers and learners through Te Pūkenga’s nationally integrated provision of on-job, on-campus, and online learning.

There is certainly a lot going on at Careerforce at present, and this is reflected in the content of this newsletter. Enjoy.

Ngā mihi nui

Rob Bentham
Director - Careerforce

Change of leadership at Careerforce
As Careerforce transitioned into Te Pūkenga as a business division of its Work Based Learning (WBL) subsidiary,  Jane Wenman announced that she would be finishing her tenure as Chief Executive of Careerforce.
Reflecting on her tenure, Jane commented that “it has been an absolute privilege to lead Careerforce through the last 4 years, albeit having to navigate the turmoil created by the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) and then Covid-19. My six years with Careerforce have been a career highlight.”

Rod Bentham assumed the role of Director of the Careerforce business division of WBL, effective from 1 September.

Rod was formerly Careerforce’s General Manager of Learning Solutions, and has been with Careerforce since May 2018. He has nearly 25 years experience in vocational education and training, including tenures across both polytechnic and industry training organisations, and ten years leading national qualifications services at NZQA.

Rod commented “it is a real honour to be given this opportunity to lead Careerforce. It’s also exciting to see the importance being placed on work based learning within Te Pūkenga, and the recognition of learner scale that the transitioned ITOs bring to Te Pūkenga. As we enter the next stage of our transition as part of the Work Based Learning subsidiary, my focus will be on harnessing the collective experience and passion of the Careerforce whānau. As an organisation, ensuring that the outcomes of our employers and learners will continue to be our top priority.”

Careerforce is officially welcomed into
Te Pūkenga
This key milestone was celebrated on 5 September with a pōwhiri ceremony at Pipitea Marae in Wellington, attended by over 130 Careerforce and Te Pūkenga staff.

Careerforce Director Rod Bentham says “it was great to be able to celebrate the transition today with our new Te Pūkenga whānau. Three and a half years have elapsed since RoVE was first announced, and today represents a key milestone for our organisation. We are excited about the future opportunities afforded to our employers and learners as part of a national integrated network of on-job, on-campus and online learning. I am excited in equal part for our Careerforce staff, as their combined skills and experience will be critical to the success of Te Pūkenga, and realising the ambitions of RoVE to ramp up the levels of work-based learning”

Toby Beaglehole, Chief Executive of Te Pūkenga Work-Based Learning commented, “As with those that have come before Careerforce, we’ve taken a ‘lift and shift’ approach, so their ākonga (learners) and kaimahi (people) will see very little change in these early days. Our main priority right now is ensuring Careerforce is appropriately welcomed and excited about the future ahead as we seek to improve outcomes for learners, employers and industries.”
Find out more about what the Careerforce move into Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning means for you see the 2 minute video
For further information and FAQs on Careerforce’s transition into Te Pūkenga, go here.
Introducing Sarah Orr, New Regional Manager - Lower Southern Region
Sarah is based in beautiful coastal Ōtepoti, Dunedin and has been a Careerforce Apprenticeship Advisor for 5.5 years.  She has recently moved into the role of joint Regional Manager of the Southern Employer Services team covering South Canterbury, Otago, Central Otago, and Southland.

Sarah has a strong passion for the health and wellbeing sector and the amazing mahi and dedication of kaimahi working in our communities.  She encourages people to acknowledge and celebrate the ripple effects of education and is passionate about walking alongside people and holding their goals with them.
Volunteering in different roles including governance for a disability organisation and crisis line support in the family/whānau violence space, also provides opportunities for her to see things through a different lens and stay connected to the community that she works within. 

When not at work you will often find Sarah on the beach at Ōkāhau, Warrington (north of Dunedin). 
Latest Life Changing Careers Campaign video captures all our heroes
Check out the latest video from the Life Changing Careers Campaign.  This video captures powerful quotes from all our heroes, and helps to reinforce the campaign's core concept, ‘the life you change may be your own’.

Click on the image to view the video.

For more information, visit the Life Changing Careers website

Are you seeing greater diversity amongst job applications, and/or been able to increase the diversity within your workforce. We’d love to hear your stories.
Sharing recent Māori learner success
Age is no barrier for determined wahine graduate
Teacher aide graduate helps struggling kids to shine
The road to graduation has not been smooth for 68-year-old Alice Adair. But, after four and a half years, the adult mental health worker at Te Piki Oranga can celebrate her hard-earned success.

Alice shows it’s never too late to chase your dreams, having successfully completed an apprenticeship in Mental Health through Careerforce.

“I enrolled in the apprenticeship programme because I am passionate about the mental health sector and want to see a shift for the better. I was also keen to validate and maximise the skills and life experience I already have,” says Alice.
Alora Hill was once a troubled teenager who didn’t do very well at school.

Today, the teacher aide at Waitaki Girls’ High School is helping young people, struggling as she once did, to shine.

“It all stems from how I was as a teenager. If I had a teacher aide working alongside me who understood my behaviours were due to many outside factors and supported me, then I probably could have done a lot better at school. I want to be able to give students the opportunities that I didn’t have. Schools are changing in the support we can offer, and I want to be a part of that positive change,” says Alora.
Te Pūkenga launches national campaign
Te Pūkenga has launched a national campaign this month to help New Zealanders understand who the organisation is and how it can support learners and employers across the country. The campaign is designed to reflect Te Pukenga's vision to bring together its network of Industry Training Providers and Industry Training Organisations, providing on-the-job, on campus and online learning, across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Click on image to view advert
New specialised micro-credentials available
The mental health and addiction sector identified a need to provide a greater range and depth of support to those working either in mental health and addiction support settings, or across the wider health and wellbeing sectors.

With sector input, we are pleased to launch the following two micro-credentials and which are fees free until the end of 2022.

De-Escalation Skills and Techniques for the Health and Wellbeing Sector (Level 4)
This 6 credit micro-credential is designed to provide de-escalation skills and techniques for people working in mental health and addiction support settings.

Graduates will be able to:
  • Communicate effectively in situations that require de-escalation.
  • Identify and explain the triggers that can lead to the occurrence of aggressive behaviour.
  • Correctly and confidently apply de-escalation techniques.

More information, including a brochure, can be found on our website
Suicide Prevention in Aotearoa (Level 4)
This 11 credit micro-credential is designed to recognise the skills and knowledge required to develop knowledge and understanding of suicide prevention in an Aotearoa New Zealand context. It is ideal for Support Workers working in the health and wellbeing sector.
Graduates will be able to:
  • Explain suicide and suicidal ideation in an Aotearoa New Zealand context.
  • Recognise causes of suicide and the prevalence.
  • Identify and explain the roles of natural, local and national supports.
  • Follow procedures used in a local suicide prevention strategy.
  • Identify and explain response types and approaches for a person experiencing suicidal ideation.
  • Describe postvention roles and supporting the bereaved.
  • Explain their own legal obligations and role boundaries.
  • Appreciate the impacts of suicide on themselves and other support workers, and approaches to self-care.

More information, including a brochure, can be found on our website
Important updates to Level 3 Health and Wellbeing programmes
Health Assistance and Support Work strands

The last date of assessment for the following two programmes has changed to 31 December 2023.
  • The NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) Health Assistance; and
  • The NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) Support Work.

The original closure date of the VERSION 1 of the programme was 31 December 2022. Toitu Te Waiora (the Workforce Development Council for Health and Social Services Sector) has subsequently changed the last date of assessment/closure date to 31 December 2023.

This change allows trainees still enrolled in VERSION 1 additional time to complete their programmes. All trainees that haven’t completed their programme by 31 December 2023 will automatically be rolled over into VERSION 2. More information about these updates

Dental Assistance, Orderly Services and Newborn Hearing Screening Strands

New versions of the specific Health & Wellbeing (Level 3) programmes are being released on the following dates:

  • The NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) – Dental Assistance
    Thursday 26 January 2023
    (last date of enrolment in Version 1: 20 January 2023)

  • The NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) – Orderly Services
    Thursday 9 February 2023
    (last date of enrolment in Version 1: 3 February 2023)

  • The NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) – Newborn Hearing Screening
    Monday 20 February 2023
    (last date of enrolment in Version 1: 17 February 2023)

The last date of assessment results to be entered for VERSION 1 of these three programmes is 31 December 2023. We recommend that trainees complete their programme assessments by mid-November 2023 to allow time for marking and results to be entered.
More information about these updates
Careerforce website gets a makeover
Check out the our refreshed website, updated on 1 September to reflect the new co-branding with Te Pūkenga.  If you have any feedback, please let us know
Mental Health Awareness Week
26 September - 2 October

MHAW is run annually by the Mental Health Foundation and has been since 1993. It is endorsed by the World Federation for Mental Health and is marked in over 150 countries at different times of the year.

This year's theme is Reconnect - with the people and places that lift you up, hei pikinga waiora.

The past couple of years have been tough and it's easy to feel disconnected from the people and places that are important to us.

Whether it's reaching out to someone you have lost contact with, visiting a place that's special to you or getting outside in nature, we hope you'll join us this MHAW to reconnect with the people and places that lift you up to enhance your wellbeing - hei pikinga waiora.   

To help you activate the theme for yourself, your whānau, workplace or community, check out the MHAW 2022 Guide for daily activity ideas.

Mā te whakarongo, ka mōhio
through listening, comes knowledge

Mā te mōhio, ka mārama,
through knowledge, comes understanding

Mā te mārama, ka matau,
through understanding, comes wisdom

Mā te matau, ka ora
through wisdom, comes wellbeing
Job opportunities at Careerforce
We are seeking people with a passion for helping people achieve, who enjoy working as part of a team and value quality care in New Zealand. Feel free to share with your colleagues.
Careerforce Apprenticeship Advisor - Otago/Southland - closes 7 October >>More
2 x Careerforce Assessors - Health & Wellbeing - Nationwide - closes 10 October >>More
Jobs for Good – list your vacancies now
The relaunch of the Workforce Diversity Campaign in 2022 is continuing to drive people looking for care and support work to our Jobs for Good site.  List your vacancies on the site and leverage the success of the campaign.

We are also driving people to the website via google advertising.

If you have a vacancy, make sure you don't miss out.

Remember, Jobs for Good is free, it’s easy to list vacancies, and it’s super-targeted.
Accessing the most up-to-date Training Agreements and other forms
This is just a reminder that the Training Agreement form can be accessed from the forms page on the Careerforce website.  It's important that you use the latest form, as it is updated from time to time.  This also applies to other forms, such as the Organisation Registration Form, or the Standalone Unit Standard Application.
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