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In this issue:
  • Careerforce joins Te Pūkenga on 1 September 2022
  • Life Changing Careers campaign spotlights our heroes
  • Your chance to win one of three prizes
  • Learning to learn resources help support you to succeed
  • Be your own friend - remember to look after yourself
  • Your training schedule will help keep you on track
  • Upcoming events that you may wish to support - See how to get involved
Kia ora

Careerforce is excited to be joining Te Pūkenga on 1 September.  Keep an eye out for the new co-branded logo that will start to appear on our communications.  Very little else changes for you as learners though.

We always love to celebrate our trainees' success and have included a couple of articles about people like you who work across our sectors. Read the inspirational story of Karen who overcomes self-doubt to gain her Level 5 business qualification.

Remember to be your own friend during these challenging times. We've included some helpful resources provided by Changing Minds to help you do just that. Also, please check out the winter warming recipes, especially useful on these cold winter days.


Careerforce joins Te Pūkenga on 1 September 2022
Careerforce will transition into Te Pūkenga as a business unit within its Work Based Learning (WBL) subsidiary on 1 September 2022.

However, it's just business as usual for you as a learner.

Te Pūkenga was created in April 2020.  It brings together Aotearoa’s Institutes of Technology, Polytechnics and Industry Training Organisations (such as Careerforce) into one national organisation that will support work-based, on-campus, and online vocational learning and training across the country. We’ll update you on any changes over time, but we expect everything to continue as business as usual for some time, and there will be minimal disruption, if any. Your learning, your qualification, the service you receive from us, our systems and processes and how you contact us at Careerforce will all remain the same for some time.
To keep up-to-date, and read some inspirational stories about your fellow Careerforce learners, simply follow or like us on Facebook
Life Changing Careers campaign spotlights our heroes
In our last issue, we advised that the Life Changing Careers campaign is back for 2022 and we shared the story about William and Brett.  Kiri and Madison's story is the latest in the LifeChangingCareers campaign, and we're so excited to share it with you. Keep an eye out for more stories from support workers, just like Kiri, who are making a real difference in people's lives.
As you’ll all agree, we need many more people, just like Kiri, to help address our workforce shortages.

Feel free to share these stories, to help encourage others to consider a career in care and support work.
To find out more about Kiri, watch the video or read her story
Prizes, prizes, prizes!
Did we mention prizes?
Answer three questions by Monday 29 August 2022 to go into the draw to win 1 of 3 grocery vouchers.  Follow the link:

We'll contact the winners via email, so don't forget to provide your email address at the end of the quiz.
Be your own friend - remember to look after yourself
To help support your own wellbeing, especially in these challenging times, we'd like to share some great resources provided by Changing Minds, supported by the Ministry of Health. Whakatau Mai - The Wellbeing Sessions and resources help to safely support your wellbeing from the comfort of your own space. These are free on-demand videos and other resources which should be valuable to all learners. Here is an example of some of the types of sessions:
Changing Minds is a national not-for-profit organisation operated by people who have navigated their own lived experience journey through mental health and addiction.

Learning to learn resources help support
you to succeed
We'd like to remind you about some great learning resources that we've developed to support you in your learning and study.
Whether you're new to learning, or coming back to learning after some time away, or just want some helpful ideas, these resources will help to make your training journey effective and successful.
Supporting you to succeed - great advice from other learners
In a recent newsletter, we asked apprentices from their experience, what is the best advice they would give to a new learner... Some of this advice may be valuable as well to you as a learner with Careerforce.  Here are a few of the gems that were shared....
Reach out for help! Don't sit there questioning yourself or feeling hopeless and confused.
Believe in yourself and don't overthink assignments which will then make you procrastinate.

You'll know more than you think you do. This course will help you contextualise your own experiences!

Always ask for help if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Take it slow, Read all the learning material before starting. Complete one task at a time, don't work on multiple tasks at once.

and there are plenty more words of wisdom.....
Level 5 graduate overcomes self-doubt to be a better leader
IDEA Services is enhancing the leadership and management skills of its team with support from Careerforce. As New Zealand’s largest provider of services to people with intellectual disabilities, development of its managers is a key goal.
Paraparaumu service manager, Karen Macilquham started as a support worker with IDEA Services more than 25 years ago. She has been a service manager for the past nine years and is one of the latest managers to successfully complete the Level 5 diploma programme.
“Karen had no real experience of tertiary study, yet was able to complete this qualification through hard work and determination,” says Careerforce assessor, Regan Cotter.

“She pushed on through the self-doubt she had about her own capabilities, and uses the confidence she gained to keep her own staff motivated through their training.”
Karen and her team support adults of all ages with intellectual disabilities to live in their own homes and enjoy life as part of their communities.

“As a manager I make sure that we provide a range of quality services for the people we support, and ensure there’s enough staff onboard to carry them out. This includes training and coaching, orientating new staff, having regular meetings with facilities, and developing programmes for the people we support,” says Karen.
A couple of winter warmers for these chilly wintery days
Here are some quick and easy recipes from our Careerforce Workplace Advisor, Lucille, to help warm you up on these cold wintery days.

Lu’s Curried Parsnip Soup
4 parsnips peeled
40g butter
1 onion finely chopped
1 clove of garlic crushed
1 tsp curry powder
1 medium potato peeled and sliced
1 litre chicken stock
1 tsp salt

Slice parsnips thinly and place in saucepan with butter onion and garlic.
Cover and cook gently for 15 minutes.
Stir in curry powder and cook 2 minutes.
Stir in potato to coat – pour on stock and salt.
Bring to boil 25 minutes.
Blend or process.
Serve with parsley on top!
Mrs Thomson’s casserole
500 g blade, x cut or rump steak (cheaper cuts are great for slow cooking).  Cut into pieces and dredge with flour.   I always brown the meat for casseroles, but there is no need to really. Grate a green Granny Smith apple and a large carrot and lie in the bottom of slow cooker or casserole dish.  You can also add mushrooms sliced at this time (I often use a small tin of mushrooms in sauce).
Add sliced onion as well.  Add the floured meat on the top of apple etc.

Mix together:
2 tbsp water
1 tbsp tomato relish
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp Worcester sauce
1 tbsp white vinegar
¾ tsp mustard
1 ½ tsp marmite

Stir the mix together and then pour over the meat.  It will not look like much fluid but the process of cooking will bring out other fluid.  Do not be tempted to add water to the meat.  Cook on slow temperature for a couple of hours in oven or slow cook on low all day.
Your personalised Training Schedule can help keep you on track
Every three months we send you an email with a Training Schedule report. The report lists the unit standards that you have completed and those you have yet to complete. It's a really great way to help you track how you are progressing. 

Do you recall receiving this email? Sometimes these emails can find their way to your spam folder.  We really don't want you to miss out, so we encourage you to look there from time to time in case this happens.
Sample of email with Training Schedule
Track your own training progress, anytime, anywhere
As a trainee don't forget that you can now view and download your own training schedule at any time from Careerforce's iportal.  Ensure that you are logged on to iportal to do that.  

If you haven't already logged on, Simply go to the iportal homepage here and click on 'Register a new account'. We've also prepared a helpful user guide that provides detailed instructions.

Once logged into iportal, you can also click on the 'Careerforce Resource Library' button on the header ribbon and access our learning materials on the library.
Upcoming events that you may wish to support - See how to get involved
August is Mindfulness Month
The Mental Health Foundation and The Kindness Institute have joined forces to promote 31 days of mindfulness and raising money to support a better system for mental health support.  Being mindful and in the moment has a positive effect on our hauora (health and wellbeing) and happiness by helping us to manage stress and anxiety. Visit their website to register, and:

  • Get a free mindfulness journal
  • Access a guided mindfulness programme
  • Get a daily email with mindfulness activities
  • Access the private Facebook group to share your thoughts and stories with others.
Te Rā Daffodil/Daffodil Day - 26 August
Daffodil Day is organised by the Cancer Society and the money raised is for cancer care for patients and their families, cancer research, and education programmes.  
Visit their website to see how
you can support Daffodil Day:

  • Fundraise with morning teas, haircuts, wear yellow days, etc.
  • Volunteer for the street appeal to help collect donations and pass out daffodils.
  • Donate.  It doesn’t have to be a lot, whatever you can afford to give. Every dollar counts!

September is World Alzheimer’s Month
Did you know that there are more than 100 forms of dementia?  Dementia affects over 50 million people around the world, as well as their families and friends.  
World Alzheimer’s Month aims to raise awareness of dementia and is an opportunity for people to hold events and work together for better help and care. New Zealand is running a Move for Dementia promotion in September. Get together with your friends or family and organise a fundraising challenge! Move for Dementia
Te Wiki o te Reo Māori/Māori Language Week -  13-19 September
Te Reo Māori is the beautiful indigenous language of Aotearoa/New Zealand.  Let’s kōrero (speak)!  Here are some useful phrases to get you started.  Give it a go and don’t be shy!

There are heaps of online resources to learn more Te Reo.  Here are a few:

  • An app that uses your camera to translate objects into te Reo. >>More
  • Learn words and phrases you can use at work, at the coffee shop, learn how to introduce yourself and so much more! >>More
  • You can download PDF versions of the cards and flyers too. >>More
New trainee's confirmation of online learning login
For those of you who are have just started your training, and are completing your training online via out Aka Toi learning platform, you will receive a separate email confirming login details 3 working days after receiving your "welcome to Careerforce training email".
Reminder to check your spam/junk folder
Sometimes our emails can fall into your spam or junk folders, especially 'system generated emails'. e.g. emails confirming your login to iportal. If you are waiting for an email, please ensure you check these folders first before contacting Careerforce.
Has anything changed? Let us know...
It's important that we hold up to date contact information in order for us to connect and provide updates on your training progress. If you have recently changed home address, contact number or email address, then please let us know by submitting an email

If you are leaving your employment or wish to withdraw from your training, then
please let us know by completing the “Training Agreement Termination” online submission form which can be found at the Careerforce website here

Tip: We suggest you check that all completed work has been assessed and reported by your assessor before requesting your training to be withdrawn. You can do this through iportal if you are a registered user or contact us at 0800 277 486.

Check out the previous newsletter issues for more hints and tips

Look back on previous issues of this newsletter for more ideas to help you really take charge of your training journey.  You'll also find more news stories to help keep you motivated.

Previous issues of the trainee newsletter can be found

Keep up-to-date, and read more inspirational stories about your fellow Careerforce trainees, follow or like us on Facebook

If you’re having some challenges with your training, ask your assessor or employer for some advice. If you think Careerforce can help, do get in touch with us.
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